Thursday, October 27, 2005

Have I ever mentioned that I'm an impatient person?

Fifteen weeks today! Which leaves what, somewhere around 25 more? This baby-making business sure takes a long time. Geez!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Burgeoning Bulge

So I was standing in front of our stove making dinner a few nights ago, and caught my reflection in the kitchen window out of the corner of my eye. Brandon probably thought I cut or burnt myself when I ran into the tv room screaming! I discovered that I am starting to form a bit of a pot belly. I haven't really noticed any of these "changes" so far, because I'll admit, I'm not in tip top shape in the first place. There's been a bit of a belly there for the past few years, and really I thought that the belly I will form over the next 6 months would be very VERY gradual. It's all of a sudden just popped out a bit, and gotten tighter, and it's kinda hard to get used to.

I know, I know... What did I expect right? I knew it would happen, don't get me wrong, it's just another adjustment that will take a bit of time. I've actually moved on from the "Oh my Gosh!!!" stage, into the "This is kinda neat.." stage, and hopefully I will soon hit somesort of "I like having a shelf to eat off of in bed!" stage.

We have another doctor's appointment on Thursday(14 week mark). They want to make sure that I'm maintaining my weight, and hopefully gaining a little. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Almost Like a Drum Beating In There

So reality has finally beat it's way into our lives. Last Thursday we hit the 12th week and Brandon and I celebrated by going to the doctor and hearing a heartbeat. I started laughing. Of course I started laughing. I laugh at everything. I am starting to think that I'll laugh through every possible important event in my life. I laughed through our wedding vows, I laughed when we heard the heartbeat of our unborn child for the first time, and I'm hoping maybe I'll just laugh right through labor. That would be quite a story. "The day you were born, I just laughed and laughed and laughed!"

Brandon was not impressed with the technology used. He thought there would be all sorts of machinery and computer monitors, wires everywhere. He literally wanted me hooked up to some sort of robot. But instead, the midwife pulled out a little speaker attached to a microphone, and we heard the first "wump, wump, wump....". 148 beats per minute! That baby was running all over the place! Well, not really, the midwife said that the heartbeat sounds good, and that it is supposed to be that fast. Good to know!

Everything seems to be going according to the plan, but they want me to come in again next week because I have somehow shed a pound since my last appointment, and they want to make sure that I'm at the very least maintaining my weight instead of losing it. We'll have an ultrasound in November sometime. Then we may be able to find out if this "thing" is a boy or a girl!

Our wedding anniversary was on October 2nd. Brandon was on Mt. Rainier at about 10,000 ft, so I celebrated with our two dogs and ate waffles for dinner. Brandon probably ate Gorp that night and then fell asleep with 3 other men in a smelly old shelter with wet concrete floors. We did celebrate when he got back by driving up to Victoria to visit my Grandma. It's always fun to see her, and it's very relaxing. Brandon ran in the Royal Victoria 8K race. I'm so proud of him. He hasn't run in competition in about 6 years, and I've never witnessed him racing. He completed the 8K about 2 minutes under his estimated time, so I think he was pleased. It was great to see him out there.

So on to more of the baby boom.....

Alena and CJ found out they're having a boy. He's due this spring.
Sara and Cameron are expecting their second child sometime early next summer.
Adam and Manja had a baby boy on Sept. 27.
Leanne and Ree have decided to start trying for their first! Good Luck Guys!

Also...Brandon has FINALLY started his own blog, so he can share his "well-appreciated comments" in his own forum. Click on the link on the right!