Friday, February 27, 2009


One completed charm quilt, courtesy of the SCRAPDOWN swap. I finished last night just in time to cuddle with it on the couch to watch The Office,
and then for some shmoe to fall asleep with it directly after.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everybody Eats.....

Everyone that is, but Finn. Here's a curious conversation with Daddy the other night. A regular routine of dinner avoidance.

But He Was Such A Happy Baby...

This is something I've been telling myself over and over again lately as Finn has reached another "Phase" in his childhood. He's almost three. I'm blaming everything on the fact that he's almost 3.

Our happy baby has turned. He's turned into a tantrum throwing, screaming, kicking back-talking, "almost-three-year-old". I keep telling myself it's just a phase and he'll get over it and figure out how to talk through it instead of the alternative that he's chosen. I just hope it happens soon. Any advice on how to deal? Help!

Monday, February 16, 2009

What's Going On?

Yes... I have been distracted from the blog lately. So here's a short update and I promise I'll get the camera back out and get back to it this week.

Busy with work. The crew is on it's way to Georgia to build a bridge and he's working on the final design stages of a bridge to be built right here in Seattle. This local bridge has been kind of a headache to deal with, but he's getting through it.
Got his truck running. Brandon owns a 1965 Chevy pick-up. His first true love. It's been sitting in our rental house's garage over in Kitsap for the past few years. He went over this weekend, changed the carburetor, jumped the battery and started it up. He drove it over here so that he can have an at home hobby fixing it up... something other than bridges bridges bridges.

Has a cold. A really crummy, hack it up, snot-rocket, can't sleep, fevery cold. Grumpy boy... very VERY grumpy boy.

Me: Recovering from the past couple months nicely. The follow-up with the surgeon confirmed that there were actual Gall-stones in my gall bladder, so luckily they took out the correct organ and I shouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
4 or 5 more quilt projects. I can't work on just one at a time. It just doesn't work that way for me. If I have a circle of projects, I can keep rotating and will continue to be excited about each one. Pictures soon.

Other items of possible blog worthiness that I will most likely elaborate more about later:
-Both the car and the van are broken. I don't know what's broken, Brandon might, but either way they're not drivable. Seattle Metro here we come!
-I've joined a crafting group that meets up every Monday night. Fun ladies, fun, fun, fun.
-We're starting the beginning planning stages for our BIG road trip to Arizona in May.
-Brandon's started swimming at the gym pool in the mornings before work. Good for him, but it wakes Finn up earlier than normal which is not quite AS good for me. yawn.

I hope this suffices for now. More to come sooner than later.