Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He's a Strolling Fool....

Here he goes....

Saturday, January 27, 2007

He's A Stair MASTER!!!

This evening at my Mom's house, Finnegan realized that there is a whole new world up above... The Second Floor!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007

New Forms of Communication!

For the past few days Finnegan has been pursing his lips together, blowing air out, and then smiling the biggest smiles. I've realized that he's been practicing for what has now become a distinct whistle. I am convinced that this is something he picked up from the guys at Brandon's work (all you cat-callers know who you are!), and is waiting for a chance to use his new found skills at the playground towards some innocent toddler in pink tights.
I'll see if I can catch in on video! It really is extraordinary!

He's also been working with Brandon on "Baby sign language", and has quickly picked up the sign for his first friend ever in this world... Our ceiling fan. We ask Finn, "Where's the fan?" and he immediately throws his left arm up in the air and moves his open fist back and forth. Also done with a HUGE smile on his face.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Rocket Man Needs Some Goggles!

Finnegan received a Rocket on wheels for Christmas from the McGrandparents. He has figured out how to ride it already, well... kinda! (see below)

Other news, for those of you who weren't at our house yesterday...
We had an emergency trip to the doctor. We decided to have the McFamily over for the Sunday football game(I said "Bad Bears"). Five cousins in our little house seemed to be working out ok, until the two oldest decided that Finnegan is probably old enough to play with them, and tried to include him in the old game, "Basket for a hat". Well, the basket didn't quite make it on Finn's head, and completely by accident, it hit him in the eye!
I proceeded to extract him from the situation and calm down the crying with a pacifier(that didn't work), then a bottle(which seemed to help a bit better), then a whole lot of cuddles.
Brandon called the Consulting Nurse at Group Health, because throughout all of this comforting he hadn't opened his eyes. When he did, we noticed that there were a couple of scratches on the eye itself, so the Nurse told us to take him to Urgent Care.
We left the McFamily to finish watching the Football game, and loaded up the babe, and took off down our icy road to the doctor.
The doc took a look through some fancy glasses, with a fancy light, and said he did indeed have a few scratches on the cornea. She prescribed some antibiotics(an ointment we have to put in the eye a few times a day), and said that the eyes tend to heal themselves pretty quick, and we should follow up with an optometrist in a couple of days.

So... as they say... All's Well that Ends Well!
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Friday, January 05, 2007

The 5ths

Brandon and I seem to think that Finnegan has a case of "The 5ths". What is this strange condition, you ask? Well, Finnegan has a habit of reaching important milestones on the 5th of the month. ie: Being Born(April 5), Eating Solids(August 5), Stopped Breastfeeding(October 5), Crawled(December 5), and THE BIG ONE THIS MONTH.....drum roll please.....

Today(January 5) Finnegan bit my finger with his first TOOTH!!! Bottom, Front, Right.

We were beginning to think that we'd have to mash his food forever! Finn celebrated with Cheerios, which he hasn't had yet, and probably swallowed half of them whole, but he absolutely loves them. No surprise to anyone who knows Brandon's breakfast eating habits.

Congrats Finn on the pearly white!

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