Saturday, December 30, 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

Finnegan Finds His Shadow

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Yesterday was VERY sunny. In the winter, in the Puget Sound region, sunshine does occur, but it's only a few days during the season. "Finnegan Crawling Boy"(his native name) found his shadow against a wall in the dining room. We couldn't have kept him from it if we'd wanted to!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

As Promised...

Here's some pics from Finnegan's First Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Such a Good Eater.... or how about just plain MESSY!

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Finnegan and I decided today that it was time to let him discover the true disaster of "feeding himself". Not much food actually went in the mouth, but it did find it's way onto and into many other parts of Finnegan's head and face.
He's actually gotten very good at eating crackers and baby biscuits{shown above}, but we've got a ways to go until he gets the hang of using a spoon for more than just a noise maker/food catapult. He did however have a ton of fun today with his new found freedom.

Brandon and I have discussed babyfood options in the past, and I thought I would make everything. I AM SUCH A HOUSEWIFE. (hahahahahaha yeah right) But I didn't actually start this endeavor until today. It was really quite a bit of fun for me too. Finn sat in his highchair and slung food every which way, and I washed, and chopped, and boiled, and blended up new concoctions for Finn to try out and make more messes with. We'll see in the near future if I can keep up with the baby food makin, and even more importantly see if Finnegan improves his self feeding skills to the point where at least a little bit of food is actually ingested. Yeah! Fun!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Busy Christmas!

Another Christmas has come and gone. However, this one was a bit more exciting in the McG house, because it was Finnegan's first Christmas! Three night's, starting on the eve of Christmas Eve, Three parties, three LATE nights for little Finn. He was such a good sport, and he outlasted Brandon and I each night, not allowing us to go to bed when we were SO ready. Here's a pic of Finn partying Christmas Eve in his Kilt and Prince Charlie Jacket...

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So many presents, A ton of clothes, and a million toys! Thanks to everyone, and we hope that everyone we didn't get a chance to see had a WONDERFUL holiday!

I'll post more pics tomorrow, when I find my camera cable!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Never a Dull Moment!

It's no wonder that Finn takes 3 naps a day! Whenever he's awake, he's on the move! I wish sometimes that I could remember what it felt like for everything to be a new discovery. Finnegan's favorite new toy is a long wooden spoon from my kitchen utensil drawer. Absolutely Loves It! He loves to wave it in the air. He loves to bang it against the floor. He loves to hit Mommy, Daddy, Darby, and even himself with it. This spoon is amazing to him. It should be called super spoon, and wear a cape, because on occasion, it will fly through the air. Not far (yet), but airborne it has been!
Finnegan's other favorite toy(and we all knew this was inevitable) is Darby-Dog. No, this is not a stuffed animal, although sometimes she does just lay there and resemble one... Darby is our beloved pet, and Finnegan's new best friend. This is however, at present moment, definitely a one sided relationship. The game goes like this... Darby's in one corner of the living room, Finn's in the other. Finnegan uses his newly acquired skills to crawl across the living room to Darby's corner. As soon as he gets there and lifts a hand to reach for the fur, Darby bolts to the far corner of the room, usually the one Finn was just sitting in. Finnegan proceeds to turn around, and replay the previous sequence over and over again, until Darby begs to go outside, or finds another hiding spot!

Other happenings...

We faired the Big Storm that swept over the pacific nw last week pretty well. Given the power went out at about 10pm and continued to stay off until about 3 or 4 pm the next day.

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We stayed at home and slept, and realized that wrapping Finnegan like a burrito didn't keep his hands or face warm. We spent the next day at Brandon's parents' home. Their power was out also, but they have a wood stove, and propane for the kitchen stove, and hot water. It actually turned out to be a pretty fun day!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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Finnegan Crawling Boy!

December 5/06 Finn's decided it's time to move!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

He's Crawling!!!

After much anticipation, Finnegan has figured out how to use his arms to move forward, and our house and our belongings will never be safe again! We've captured the event on video, but until I figure out how to shrink the file, it wont be visible unless you get a chance to come to our house and view it on the computer. But no worries, anyone who sees Finn in person now should be able to experience his crawling talents first hand!