Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Such a Good Eater.... or how about just plain MESSY!

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Finnegan and I decided today that it was time to let him discover the true disaster of "feeding himself". Not much food actually went in the mouth, but it did find it's way onto and into many other parts of Finnegan's head and face.
He's actually gotten very good at eating crackers and baby biscuits{shown above}, but we've got a ways to go until he gets the hang of using a spoon for more than just a noise maker/food catapult. He did however have a ton of fun today with his new found freedom.

Brandon and I have discussed babyfood options in the past, and I thought I would make everything. I AM SUCH A HOUSEWIFE. (hahahahahaha yeah right) But I didn't actually start this endeavor until today. It was really quite a bit of fun for me too. Finn sat in his highchair and slung food every which way, and I washed, and chopped, and boiled, and blended up new concoctions for Finn to try out and make more messes with. We'll see in the near future if I can keep up with the baby food makin, and even more importantly see if Finnegan improves his self feeding skills to the point where at least a little bit of food is actually ingested. Yeah! Fun!

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