Friday, January 05, 2007

The 5ths

Brandon and I seem to think that Finnegan has a case of "The 5ths". What is this strange condition, you ask? Well, Finnegan has a habit of reaching important milestones on the 5th of the month. ie: Being Born(April 5), Eating Solids(August 5), Stopped Breastfeeding(October 5), Crawled(December 5), and THE BIG ONE THIS MONTH.....drum roll please.....

Today(January 5) Finnegan bit my finger with his first TOOTH!!! Bottom, Front, Right.

We were beginning to think that we'd have to mash his food forever! Finn celebrated with Cheerios, which he hasn't had yet, and probably swallowed half of them whole, but he absolutely loves them. No surprise to anyone who knows Brandon's breakfast eating habits.

Congrats Finn on the pearly white!

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Jaycee said...

YEA for Finn!! Our friends baby is already cutting a tooth and she's only 4 months!! Man and I'm glad that it's not me! He gets cuter everytime I see him! Tell him good job on the rocket