Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All But Consumed....

We're all so busy!!!

Finnegan is busy being 2. He's singing, running, jumping, learning to take his clothes off, learning to brush his teeth by himself, and REFUSING to learn how to use a toilet for what it's good for.

Brandon is busy with work and studying. Studying for a HUGE, ENORMOUS, EXCITING, and NERVE-WRECKING Exam. His Professional Engineering Exam. Yep. He takes this 8 hour test on Oct. 24th (that's only 17 days away, and he has something like 60 books to read), and then we party hard the next day and wait 12 weeks to find out the results.

I am busy. That's it. Just plain busy. Busy being mom and wife, and when I find a moment in between, I'm busy making hats. Lots and LOTS of hats. This is the beginning of a cRaZy hat season, and business is booming. Also very exciting news: I got accepted to show up and sell my hats at URBAN CRAFT UPRISING the first weekend in December. This means I have to make MORE and MORE and MORE hats. But who's complaining, right? Not me!!!

Oh yeah... Brandon and I celebrated our anniversary this last week. Finn spent the night at his cousins' house and we got ourselves a fancy hotel room and got our debate on. That's right. We bought a bunch of junk food and watched the VP debate on tv without distraction...besides playing a few Sarah Palin drinking games! Happy anniversary honey.

So there's an update. I'll try and get my camera out this week and actually take some visuals of what we've been up to. But until then... wait. Just wait.


Patrick O'Donnell said...


Patrick O'Donnell said...

And are you really busy at Sahale? It's been a while since a bridge has been built - what with Kapalua being the last one. I guess you're busy designing all the back log bridges. I hope you get that Knoxville 1,000 footer!

Jaycee said...

glad to hear you guys are doing well. Sorry we didn't get to see you while we where up there. The good news is everytime we visit it makes us want to move back more. good luck to Brandon on his test.