Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Why on earth am I awake at 4 am, you ask? Darby dog woke me, and when I tried to tell her to go back to sleep and then tried to roll over and go back to sleep myself, Nugget (our surviving chicken) called out and woke me even more. I jumped out of bed in panic mode. Not only panicking at the idea that something is after our only surviving chicken, but panicking that I'm going to have to deal with the mess left behind and the culprits who have done the dirty work. Brandon loves this kinda crap and he's in Colorado until Sunday. Where's the flashlight? Brandon didn't use a flashlight... wait! Where's his headlamp thingy that he used when this happened last time? Am I wearing shoes? Where the heck are my shoes? Why does this have to be happening during a storm? Do Raccoons even hunt during storms? The answer to that last one.... NO. BIG FAT NO.

Our stupid little hen, Nugget, didn't get up onto her perch last night and is sleeping on the ground in the least protected corner of the chicken coop. There is a storm, she's getting wet, and she's letting me (and Darby, who's still freaking out that there's a big hairy animal outside for her to chase and bark at) know that she doesn't like the wind and rain. Ugh. BIG FAT UGH.

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