Wednesday, February 25, 2009

But He Was Such A Happy Baby...

This is something I've been telling myself over and over again lately as Finn has reached another "Phase" in his childhood. He's almost three. I'm blaming everything on the fact that he's almost 3.

Our happy baby has turned. He's turned into a tantrum throwing, screaming, kicking back-talking, "almost-three-year-old". I keep telling myself it's just a phase and he'll get over it and figure out how to talk through it instead of the alternative that he's chosen. I just hope it happens soon. Any advice on how to deal? Help!


Amber Howard said...

Ah, (almost) three year seems like Malina's been (almost)three since she was born.....that very onry attitude.....everything has to be their way... :) Try giving him some choices; let him pick his own clothes from 2 sets of outfits you laid out for him. Or let him pick what he wants for lunch, from the two options you give him. He just wants to feel like he has some control in his life, even if he is (almost) three, so making his own "decisions" should help with that. And remember to be positive, he can't be (almost) three forever (although I'm not so sure about Malina)And really its his way of showing you he has a mind of his own, so hang in there kid.

Ps. They girls LOVED the Valentine Finn sent them. They even fight over who gets to hold it. I had to put it on the refrigerator so "everyone could see it" just to get them to stop fighting. So tell Finn "Thank you" from the girls'. :)

Kayce said...

Choices are always good. When Robbie used to throw tantrums like that - I'd just tell him that as soon as my Robbie returned, I would listen... but that I didn't know who the scream child in front of me was and I don't talk to strangers. It often made him laugh and it would defuse the tandtrum. Try different methods and you'll find on that will work for the two of you.

Tantrums are not necessarily a bag thing - just a hard phase for parents. It shows that he is going to be a free thinker and think for himself. Yay!

Dee Light said...

I feel your pain!! My Little Guy is 3 and boy does he have a mind of his own.

mary poppins said...

Just spank him. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm also relieved that I'm not the only one. My daughter will be three in a couple of months and she is doing the same thing. I feel alone in this bc a lot of my friends tell me that their children don't throw many tantrums. I feel for you girl! I'm at a loss for what to do and I have a newborn that needs constant attention too. Oh sigh!

Leslie said...

Oh, hun, I said the same thing! It was like aliens came down while I had my back turned and overnight there was this different child. My sweet, empathetic, no-cry, baby girl was taken and in it's place was a crying, melt-down, spoiled, hard headed little look alike of my Madelyn! It IS the age, I have come to find out! She will be 4 in April and just last week....she is herself again, just overnight, like it came, it went......almost a year, but we made it!

Good luck with the "year" for you all, if that is all it lasts! You DO get kinda used to it and I learned to ignore a lot and punish the really unacceptable behavior with the naughty chair!

Take care!