Friday, December 16, 2005

7 Weeks of Silence

Wow, a whopping 7 week stint of no blog updates, and not a single complaint from anyone who may (or probably may not) be checking in for progressive updates. Boy do I feel loved!

So here I am, in my 22nd week of pregnancy. What has happened in the past 7 weeks you ask? Well, here you go....

I am physically showing more clearly to the public that I am in fact pregnant, and not just getting that beer belly that every 23 year old woman so desperately wishes for. Although, my appetite has been increasing rapidly, so I better watch myself, or next summer I'll still look pregnant. Sounds a lot easier than I think it will be, especially with the miraculous invention of chocolate, and the rapidly approaching holiday that is famous for dishing it out by the barrel load.

Brandon and I have traveled a couple of times to Winthrop, WA. to work on a bridge there. Actually, Brandon's gone to work on the bridge, I've been shopping most of the time for Christmas. It's fun to go out to the site and see the progress the guys are making. I've taken lots of pictures. When I get them off the camera, I'll try to put one on the blog. The past month or so has been a whirlwind of time in the car. It seems as though we've only spent a week at home. Brandon is again in Winthrop this week. He'll be home on Monday, and then we're off again Tuesday morning to Victoria, BC for Christmas at my Grandma's house.

Everyone keeps asking about a name. Since we found out we're having a boy (week 19) the day before Thanksgiving, everone wants to know what we're going to name him. Just so everyone is clear... No Name until he's here. We want to make sure the name fits the boy, so until we meet him, we're not picking. As of right now, however, Brandon is calling him Owen, and I refer to him as Ephram. Can't wait to see how this works out!

So, I'm feeling fine. "Ephram" is moving around inside me like a mad-man, and everyday we're getting a little more excited about meeting our first-born. Let's see how excited I am when my water breaks!


Anonymous said...

I said bad blog.

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Jaycee said...

Hey yeah glad to see you finally wrote something...I was starting to get worried. Sounds like everything is going well. My Dr. appt is on tuesday I'll call you when its over and tell you what's going on. As of right now I'm 5 weeks and two's exciting, just been really tired and hungry no sickness so maybe I'll get lucky this time. Call me