Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Countdown Begins

There is a website where you enter the due date as proposed by your doctor, and it gives you a count-down to the big "day". I checked in with this website for the first time in quite a while and realized that there is a time in your pregnancy when your over half way through. According to the proposed date, I have 13 weeks from today until I am full-term. I keep thinking back to not that long ago, when I was only 13 weeks into this, and it hits me... WE ARE HAVING A BABY.

Now I really am not that naive. Brandon and I have been preparing. I definitely know that I'm sharing my body with someone, and I know that the room we've been setting up isn't for guests to come and visit. But I think it has finally hit me that in/around 13 weeks from now, we will have a new family member. In 13 weeks, there will be dirty diapers to change, and extra laundry to do, and crying to attend to, and a newborn baby to love, and raise, and try not to screw up to horribly. At least I still have time to freak out. At least this discovery didn't hit me with 3 weeks left!

Brandon seems awfully cool and collected. I keep asking him if he's nervous, or anxious, or anything other than cool and collected, and he just says cooly and collectedly "No, I'm good." I think he's just more excited than anything else. The week before Christmas, he got to feel the baby "kick" for the first time, and that was kinda cool, just a quick little "bump". Since then I haven't been sleeping very well, and Brandon found out why the other night. These quick little "bumps", have turned into beatings, and rumblings, like this baby's doing a scene from riverdance. Everytime I reach for Brandon's hand so that he can feel what his child is doing to my insides, the baby stops. He says, "Uh-oh! Daddy wants to feel what I'm doing, I'd better stop and tease him!" Well, Brandon finally felt it the other night as we were laying in bed, and fell asleep with a huge grin on his face. It was the funniest thing to see. I wonder how much he'll be smiling when the baby is laying in his arms rumbling around.

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Jaycee H said...

Hey that's cool you guys are doing so well and seem to be ready for the new member of your family....well as ready as you can be!! We are excited to I'm 8 weeks today!! Yippee only 32 more!!