Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poor Kid...

It's 4:07 a.m. as I type this and I've been up now for about 21 hours. I had good intentions of getting to bed at a reasonable Saturday night time, around 10:30. I started my bedtime routine and went in to check on Finnegan, and there he was...sitting up in bed, covered in an upchucked version of dinner. And he's been continuing the up-chuckin' about every 20-30 minutes since. Brandon of course has been amazing and helped Finn through the messiest of it all, but I finally sent him off to bed at around 2, and here I am in between bouts.

I didn't think that this would ever be something that I'd write about in my blog, but it seems to be significant in the fact that we, as parents, have never yet had to deal with a night like tonight... Not that I didn't see it coming. This is only about the 3rd time that I can recall Finnegan throwing up, and the 2 other times were in the day time and passed relatively quickly.

So, I've spoken to the consulting nurse 2x this evening, mainly to calm my nerves that anything is seriously wrong with my child. She was amazing and wonderful and patient enough to deal with a mother who has no idea what she's doing. And now I'm sitting here at 4:15 and Finnegan is sleeping for the moment and I am calm and surprising myself at how awake I am. I'll give you all an update as to how the boy is feeling in the morning. Oh wait... it is morning. Maybe this afternoon.


katy said...

oh carrie i'm so sorry. i think the stomach viruses are the hardest on the little ones and their parents.

eva and audrey have both had that (eva 2xs) i remember getting them all cleaned up just in time to have them throw up all over again. loads and loads of laundry too.

the throwing up part should be over soon - *maybe* 1 more day. but it does take them a while to get their strength and appetite back. don't stress out if he doesn't eat/drink. he will. also don't let him chug a whole cup of water, he'll just throw it all back up. little sips at a time.

to keep him hydrated try - Popsicles, watermelon, juice, gatorade (a bit diluted.) I even let eva have a bit of 7-up, but she was older than Finn.

Don't be surprised if he has diarrhea when he starts eating again - this is part of the process. give him yogurt to get his stomach bacteria back to normal.

rest when you can. oh, i just walked around with a bath towel over my shoulder. helped catch the vomit. and a with clean up. put towels in his bed too (i doubt he'll still be throwing up tonight, though)

good luck - trade off with brandon. you're lucky it happened on a weekend.

i'll talk with you when i get back. we're off in an hour.


Jaycee said...

NOTHING is worse then little kid puke. Gage would start crying at night and I would go get him out of bed but he didn't want to be held, he then thru his binkie on the ground walked into the kitchen and puked....luckly most of it was on the pergo. So I put him back to bed thanking God it wasn't a bigger mess. About a hour later he starts crying again, and me being retarded I left him out of bed and he pukes behind me, hitting the crib, wall, carpet, me and himself....there's the mess I was waiting for!! Brett was at work that night too....FUN Times!! Try giving him some pedilyte (SP) it's better then gatorade for little kids. Then have it in liquid and popcicles. HOpe he feels better soon and you get some sleep!!