Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The "Boy Cousins" came over to spend the night on Saturday. We all had a blast, especially when all the boys decided to attack Brandon on the living room floor. The night was filled with fun, giggles, pizza, knock-knock jokes, movies, fighting over toys, a couple time-outs, and ended with 3 very tired boys passing out and snoring by 9.


Patrick said...

and two very tired adults snoring by 9:15?

Emma said...

Hi Carrie, what a wonderful blog you have! You all look very happy and energetic!

I'm Emma, from the quilt block group. I'm your partner for this month! I just wanted to say hi, and also let you know that I've been working on your block! I'm hoping to have it finished and sent in the next couple of days - but I'll let you know.

My blog isn't working at the moment (having a change-around!), but you can email me - mnms@totalise.co.uk - or leave a message on the QBS blog!

Talk to you soon, and I hope you like your block!


Kayce said...

A kid's sleep over where they are asleep by 9? I want all my kid's sleep overs to end that well.