Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally Conquered Pants

When I was pregnant with Finn, before I knew he was a boy, I thought it would be easier to sustain my sewing habit if I had a girl. Dresses, dolls, you know that sort of thing. I have since learned that I'm having way too much fun sewing for a boy! One thing I've been trying to figure out since he was born, almost 3 years ago, is the perfect pair of pants for the boy. The other day I did it! YAY! They're cozy fleece with cotton print lined pockets. I even added a pocket on the rear. I want some.


Jaycee said...

Like you couldn't make your self some!! Come on you can make anything!! Are you doing anything exciting for Finn's birthday? I'm going to try and make a 3 layer cake for Khloe's birthday, I'll post some pictures (if it's not too horrible!)

Natasha said...

Love the pants! They look very cosy.

poppyart said...

i see your comfy fleece and pocketed pants and raise you blue checked elastic waist and ankle pants (!) the boys lived in them for ages... although not really cosy enough for winter as i'm not as skilled as to line them! they were perfect,though. and for potty training - can you believe how many trousers for boys have buttons and BELTS?? jsut caught up with your blog after scrapdown history. congratulations on your baby news! bridget (