Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Motion of the Ocean

This morning on our daily ferry commute to Seattle, I experienced what I believe was my first bout of nausea. Let me just say it wasn't that great. I think it may have been caused not by my already perfect child, but the fact that I rushed myself out the door this morning. A result of a NOT-so-good nights sleep. So I didn't really get any breakfast, unless you count a prenatal vitamin and a glass of cranberry juice healthy. No? I didn't think so. Another problem with me rushing in the morning is the lunch I pack for myself, or the lack thereof. By quickly throwing items from our pantry into my backpack, I ended up with a container of applesauce, a package of saltines, and half a bag of baby carrots. I think I may head to the deli down the road in a while to supplement my insane thinking. I will just say this in my defense, Hopefully, this senario will not likely happen again anytime soon.

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saramcginnis said...

Hey Carrie, I really like your blog! I do not envy your ferry trips during early pregnancy. I was naseous all of the time, meaning I constantly felt the threat of throwing up. Luckily it only happened a few times. Try keeping lifesavers or lemon drops around to change the taste in your mouth.
Congratulations to you guys, can't wait to meet the newest baby McGinnis