Monday, August 15, 2005

New Life

It is so hard to imagine as a five year old worry-free kid, that one day you will not only have children of your own, but grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren and so on and so forth(you get the gist). Then one day, whether you expect it or not, two lines appear on a test indicating very clearly, and by the way a lot quicker than the 3 minutes you're supposed to wait, your life is forever changed.

This is exactly what happened last Wednesday morning. My husband Brandon was in the shower when I woke up and decided, "Hey, maybe I'll take a pregnancy test." I'll admit, I had been feeling a bit different (gassy, hungry, I really felt I needed my appendix out) but definately wasn't expecting anything. So, I pull the test out, follow the instructions, and just about instantly, I found out we are going to have a baby.

Automatically after telling Brandon, we went into a fury of whats, whos, whens, whats, and more whats. "What room are we giving up to make a nursury?" "What do I have to give up eating,?" "What should I be eating more of?" "Who do we need to tell?" "When do we actually tell anyone?" "What type of diapers are we going to use?" "How long am I supposed to breastfeed?" yadda..... yadda...... yadda......?,?,?....... So in order to filter all of these questions and to adjust to the new life we just found out we had, Brandon took the day off and we went

Given there aren't many stores in Port Orchard to actually SHOP in, we still found ourselves directly in the center of every baby section of every store we went into. We ended our day on the town wth 2 copies of "What to Expect When You're Expecting", a bottle of PreNatal Vitamins, and a mild case of indigestion (Deli food is not always all that wonderful).

Since we learned of our newest addition, our days have been filled with lots and lots of phone calls and announcements, both fun and emotional. We have so much support, and I think that although we'll be getting TONS of hand-me downs, the fact that we have wonderful family and friends to help guide and support us will make the most difference in this new life adventure.

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