Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fun Project!

I made Finn a felt board the other day after I had some flashbacks to the ones my teachers used in elementary school. Finnegan loves it. We've been practicing spelling our names. Well, "Finn", "Mommy" and "Daddy" that is. It's been great fun.
Want one? Here you go:
1. Head to the fabric store and buy some felt. One main color (at least a yard) and a bunch of other colors for letters and objects.
2. Find a scrap sheet of plywood in your husband's project pile and wrap it in the large piece of felt. I made sure that the wood was completely wrapped like a holiday gift, so there's no chance of splinters.
3. Use a staple gun and FIRMLY staple the ends of the felt to the back of the board. Make sure that it's pulled tight before you staple and there are no bumps in the felt on the front or face of the board.
4. Cut out a bunch of shapes in the other colors of felt, and have some fun! Numbers, letters, geometric shapes or regular objects such as trees, clouds, and people. Make up stories or just practice spelling and counting.

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Jaycee said...

HEy that's a great idea guess I'll have to go back to the fabric store!! I'm making super hero outfits for Khloe and her friends....when I'm done I'll tell you how they turned out!!