Thursday, June 05, 2008

We've Done it! We've Acheived Something!

I am VERY proud to claim our house a "Lid Free Home"! What does this mean? No, we're still wearing hats, and yes, we still put covers on leftovers before they go into the fridge. Finnegan has graduated from using "Sippy" or "Tippy" Cups and is now only using lid-less vessels to drink from!

"Um... Carrie... isn't it now more likely that you'll have to clean up a LOT of spilt milk?"

Yes. I'm prepared for the journey that comes with this new milestone. Hell, I'm still wiping up after Brandon eats dinner and he's 30. I just see it as it will never get better until it gets MESSY!


So raise your glass to Finn, and he'll raise his Piggy-shaped cup (thanks Felix), because he's climbed another step to becoming a BIG BOY. Besides... who doesn't like a milk mustache? I mean really?

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