Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our First Egg!

Our hen "Mary Poppins" (Finnegan picked that name... Brandon named the other one "Nugget") gave us our first egg this morning. A perfect, tiny, light brown egg. Here's a picture of an excited toddler inspecting it, with proud egg-laying Mary Poppins in the background. Also a comparison pic next to our VW key to show how little this first egg is. Still a pretty exciting day in the McG house!



Amber McGinnis said...

when we had chickens we never got those "Large AA" sized eggs you see in stores....I don't think eggs naturally get that big....always made me wonder what growth hormones I was getting with my store bought eggs.......some day I will have chickens again!

katy said...

omg, meant to post my HOOORAY here, for the egg. But HOORAY for dancing in the street too!