Monday, January 19, 2009

But I Just Can't Help Myself!!!


I have gone absolutely "Craft Crazy" since I closed my shop. Seriously... I haven't stopped cutting and sewing and crocheting and "knitting" (if that's what you want to call it... I'm no good) and painting. Brandon even questioned me the other night when he caught me cutting a pattern for ANOTHER project. Can't wait to show you when I'm done!

Today I finished another project I saw on SPOOL. Have you seen this site? It's Sewing Heaven in Philadelphia and I just found their blog the other day. Check it out for a few AMAZING tutorials and a lot of fabric envy. Below is my version of this table runner. I decided to add a bit of "flare" and hand-embroidered "YUMMY." on one side. I think it adds a little something to our dreary looking table!


katy said...

carrie, i love the embroidery - what stitch, what kind of thread - do tell!

Kayce said...

Love that table runner!

I plan on making those birds too. Of course, I printed the pattern up a few weeks ago and have yet to get to it. I'm sure you'll do it far sooner than I will.

Dee Light said...

I just love your runner. You are one busy gal with all of your crafting.

rainylakechick said...

I love the table runner!

p.s. Looking forward to seeing "your stuff" on the Row Robin Quilt Swap!