Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going a Little Holiday Craft Crazy

I saw a photo from a magazine of some little felt square wreaths on Belladia, and decided that Finn and I could make some (or something similar) as holiday decorations. Which, I've realized, are sorely lacking in our house. Well... truthfully, I made them, Finnegan took them apart. But it was still fun to spend some crafty time together. So Here's a little tutorial so you can make your own.



Pipe cleaners
A Bunch of random colors of craft felt
A smaller than usual hole punch
Ribbon if you like it

1. Pick out a bunch of different colors of craft felt. You can also use felted sweaters like the one on Belladia, or fancy expensive wool felt, or probably any other type of fabric you like... you'll just get a different, and probably just as fun result.

2. Cut a bunch of every color into a bunch of little squares (mine were approx. 1/2 - 3/4 inch square.

3. I have a really small hole punch that I used, but I'm sure you can use a needle or some other way to punch holes in each of the squares.

4. Start threading the pipecleaner through the holes of all the little squares of felt. Squish them on there snug!

5. Keep going until the wreath is the size you prefer. It takes a LOT of little squares!

6. Twist the ends together and clip the extra pipecleaner off. Add ribbon if you like. Make a ton and decorate your whole house. I'm planning on putting them on my tree.... when we get our tree.


Kayce said...

So cute! I'm surprised you didn't use fleece scraps!

I posted a fun picture of the kids in their helmets on my blog
a few posts back!

Jaycee said...

cute idea! I'm wondering though is it possible for you to sit still and not do a craft for let's say 20 minutes!! Just's the baby but more importantly how are you?