Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I've Done it Now...


This morning I officially closed my Etsy shop. After a long evaluation over the past few months, I've decided it's for the best. My priorities had changed in a way I really didn't like... customers came first when I knew that Finnegan and the Belly McG needed to be in that place. Rushing around trying to get orders completed when we could have been at the zoo. Heading to the post office, when we could have been coloring. Answering emails instead of going to the park. There's too much unnecessary worry that comes along with running a happenin' hat biz on the internet, and right now the extra weight is something I really don't need in my life.

Now I have time to create and sew things for all the kiddos in our life.

I may reopen someday. But for today and tomorrow, it's Finn and Me, Me and Finn and a bunch of fun times ahead.


ConnieK said...

I totally understand, as a fellow Etsian and mommy of two. I find myself debating on whether to finish that business card design or head out to playgroup and I find myself thinking about it how you do. I love designing for others, but it is really time consuming. Congrats on the belly and I am soooo glad that I got that order in on Nov 30th right before you closed!!! =)

katy said...

wow carrie, that is huge! i thought you meant closed for the holiday. I assumed you already had soo many orders you needed to close to fill them all. are you still going to do UCU?

How are you feeling?

Jaycee said...

Good for you!! I have discovered that life is WAY to short and the kids are only little for so long to worry about things other then your kids and husband.....it only took going to a therapist for 3 months every other week to figure that one out!! Do you still have any of the hats that go over the whole head? Jetty needs a hat and keeps pullling his other one off. let me know and I will pay almost anything!! Hope the baby isn't causing you too much sickness. rest and take it easy as much as you can. talk to you soon!