Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keeping the Heat In.

Brandon suggested curtains to keep the heat in. I suggested he cough up some cash so we could go shopping. Brandon suggested we go to the Goodwill, find some sheets and I get working on my sewing machine. Hey... I'm not one to argue. Here are Finn's curtains. Made from an embroidered duvet cover ($3.99) and part of a striped flat sheet ($2.99). Not bad for a couple days work. I'll post the curtains for our room once I get them done. Which, as of right now, may have to wait until after Christmas gift sewing is done.




Kayce said...

Wow! Those came out great! What great finds in sheets!

Kaylen said...

Those curtains look so cute! I like your blog-you're very crafty!! Crafty moms are the best! :)